Dog Food
At Knowlton's Dog Obedience our goal is to enhance communication between owner and dog to create a more liveable and enjoyable environment for both.

Our training services include group obedience classes, private lessons, and boarded training. For handlers interested in managing livestock, herding instinct tests and herding lessons are also offered.

A variety of articles such as 'Dog Food: Meat vs Meat Meal' and 'Canine Obesity: The Signs, Risks, and Causes' are available to inform and assist.

From competing in obedience trials, to moving livestock, to simply being the best companion possible, Knowlton's Dog Obedience is here to help every handler and dog reach their full potential.
Ever wonder what the difference is between meat and meat meal? It's worth knowing!
New puppy? Set up a private lesson to stop bad behavior before it begins!
Ready to get started? Check out our next set of group classes!
Basic Obedience Classes begin every Janurary, April, July, and September
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