Boarded Training: $20 per night ($25 effective 9/1/18)
Boarding: $19 per night ($19 effective 9/1/18)

Like our Private Consultations, Boarded Training is custom tailored to meet the owners needs. We charge by night or by week and while the dog is here we work on the basics such as sit and down stays, come when called, loose leash walking, and basic manners. We have the dogs out of their kennels five times a day so they receive regular exercise as well as training. Prior to sending the dog home, we will work with the owner and explain our methods so that they can continue the training.

We also offer boarding services without training for owners who would like their dogs to recieve regular attention and exercise while they are gone. Pricing is the same.

*All dogs must be housebroken before staying with us.
Boarding and Boarded Training
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