1. At what age should we start training our dog?
I start mine at 8 weeks of age.  I keep the sessions short with lots of motivation.

2. At what age can the dog start obedience classes?
The dog should be at least 4 months of age coming into the class.

3. Can my child take the dog through the classes?
If the child can physically control the dog and wants to train it - then yes.  For some children an 8 week session is too long. Others do an excellent job.

4. Can the entire family come and watch? 
Yes, I encourage this because then every one is training the dog the same way and it prevents confusion for the animal.       

5. Do you train all breeds?
Yes, I work with all breeds. The only exception that I make is if the dog is aggressive, then I prefer to do Private Consultations instead of group classes.

6. What type of collar is included in the cost of the Group Classes?
The collar that comes with the class is a choke collar.  For those that prefer to use a different type, I do sell two other types of training collars.

7. Can I use a harness on the dog for training purposes?
No, to train the dog, you must be able to control the head and/or neck and that's not possible with a harness.       

8. Can you house train my dog?
No, to house train a dog, you must be able to be with the dog more than my schedule allows.  Also many young dogs wont transfer the training from one house to another.
9. Is a dog ever too old to train?
Frequently Asked Questions
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