Price: $20 per dog
                                                                        Length: Varies

The Herding Instinct Test offers handlers a controlled environment to introduce their dog to livestock and discover if there is any herding instinct to work with. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who is curious to see if their dog is capable of working sheep.


                                                                        Price: $25 per dog
                                                                        Length: Varies

Herding Lessons are more formally structured than the instinct testing. They consist of two runs of varying duration separated by a brief break for the handler, dog, and sheep to rest. Our facility offers a variety of different pen sizes to accommodate beginner through advanced experience levels.

Our goal during these lessons is to teach both dog and handler to work as a team while controlling the livestock in a calm, confident manner. We have worked with handlers who are training for competition as well as with those who are interested in moving their own livestock more efficiently.


                                                                        Price: $15 per half hour
                                                                        Length: Varies

We offer stock rentals to experienced handlers who are knowledgeable enough to handle both their dog and the sheep safely.

Not sure your dog has what it takes to herd?
Watch an 11 week old puppy move sheep on our Video page!

Herding Instinct Test
Herding Lessons
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