The German Shepherds:
Kara von Lindesfarne AD, BH, SchH2, CD
Geda von Lindesfarne BH, CDX
Teja was an absolute joy to train.  He was born into my hands and I started his training 8 weeks later. He earned his Schutzhund I title at just over 2 years of age with very nice scores. Teja taught me the true meaning of focus - he seldom took his eyes away from me.
Kara was my first Schutzhund titled dog. It took me 4 years and 3 dogs to find one that was physically and mentally capable of doing the work. To earn a Schutzhund title, Kara had to pass tests in tracking, obedience & protection.  She earned her Schutzhund II title at the age of 3, then went on to earn her AKC Companion Dog title. Kara also went into the elementary schools with me for career days. She absolutely adored the children.
Misha was my first German Shepherd and she taught me more about aggression than I ever wanted to know!! Though she was a challenge she was a great teacher. She achieved the AKC title of Companion Dog Excellent and then she retired to become my in house Security Specialist
Teja von Lindesfarne SchH1
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